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On Public Discourse, Moral Re-examination, Offended Sensibilities, Court Rulings and Emblems of the Confederacy in Leesburg, Va 

As Americans, as a Nation, we stand unified in our belief that each and all have the right to express their opinions proudly and openly, especially when doing so opens heretofore obscured pathways to a deeper understanding of our collective humanity during broad discourses such as these; vigorously reassessing an ever progressing and changing identity.

As a Democracy, we ideally look toward and rely upon a majority representation of our majority personality. There are many compelling forces in this broad…Read more

Logan 3.12.15 

Logan 3.12.15

Lithe, Lean, Slender
Nearly skinny
Minder rubber ‘round her wrist
Tine-like fingers quickly
Get to a banana
One, two, three strips divvy down
Disappear into rapid devour
All business

Sip, chew, sip
Paper cup not managing
Only but a peel
Where to conceal, the heel of a shoe?
Out of place, too small a space
Drape a perfect arch across the leather brief

Diamond ring, headlight lit
Promise just past the knuckle
Fiddle the wrapper of a breakfast bar
Barely two bites, she’s fed
Put it in the peel, on her case
At her…Read more

The Carnage of Capitalism (with Comment) 



Stephen Kinzer's ("The Brothers") rather unsettling account of precedent setting patterns and policies established during and following World Wars 1 & 2 after several unabashed decades of corporate/government unholy allied practices in the name of "healthy commerce at all costs" accurately conveys how that dynamic paradigm was formulated, developed, implemented and yes, 'fostered' with post-war policies beginning with the Dulles brothers (Allen… Read more

Lou Reed’s Dirty Blvd. 

A Songwriter’s Appreciation:
Lou Reed’s Dirty Blvd.
Anyone nominally familiar with the mystique and work of Lou Reed would be aware of his status as a primary progenitor of the “new honesty” in rock: an unflinching stylistic trend that preceded "punk" in the mid to late 70's. Ian Hunter & Mott the Hoople, David Bowie, NY Dolls, Iggy & The Stooges, Alice Cooper, etc. were fresh new voices that returned to and embraced a stark expressionism. Vivid and lyrical, it was not altogether nascent, but a return… Read more

JC Interview for 

           Jon Carroll Interview with Concerts In Your Home


 Describe your most memorable house concert experience. 
Always a challenge, as there have been so many but, HEY…Memorable…right? Remarkable…yeah?
 I recently played T.Edwin Doss and his wife Patricia’s Rocky’s Run House Concerts, which is a splendid venue right on Lake Anna which is just due SW of my boyhood town of Fredericksburg, Va.
 My sets can, if the chemistry is just right, take on an interesting narrative…Read more

Letter to Lawmakers--Pandora Bill 

Jonathan Carroll
_____________ _____________ November 26, 2012 The Honorable Mark Warner
United States Senate
475 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510‑4601 The Honorable Jim Webb
United States Senate
248 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510‑4604 The Honorable Frank R. Wolf
House of Representatives
241 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515‑4610 Re: Oppose the "Pandora Bailout Bill" I am a lifelong musician, artist and writer/composer and have had personal experience with the issuesRead more


                                             MINSTREL DESTINATIONS 1961-1968
Our house stood in a neighborhood directly across the Rappahannock River from Fredericksburg in Falmouth,Virginia.  Although all the while retaining much of its core identity, Fredericksburg and its surrounding area have since expanded into and become part of the southern exurbs of Washington D.C.
But in the 1960’s it was a Southern town, not so plain and simple. If local eyes, hearts… Read more


There seems to be every sort of bullshit in every business—especially show business—and Levon Helm seemed to cut right through each and all.
The Great and Powerful Levon Helm 
It was the autumn of '69, and I was an eleven year old kid just starting to play in bands in Fredericksburg, Va., when the elastic funk of that wah-wah clavinet first bounced out the radio announcing the arrival of the train that would take us Up On Cripple Creek. The conductor called us on board with a sonorous Arkans-drawl,… Read more

To Folks Who Condemn Addicts on Moral Grounds 

There is a fatal disease called drug addiction. Millions of people have it, and millions seek help --many working hard enough and being blessed enough to begin successful recovery.

Many are unsuccessful.

Many people who battle this addiction (some prefer to call "demons") have creativity, artist expression and beauty as their raisin d'etre. The fact that as show-biz celebrities and "stars" they are venerated and awarded with financial success (extremely--Whitney was truly one of the greatest singers…Read more

On Chris Richard's Washington Post Grammy Review 

It’s unfortunate that Chris Richards [Disjointed Grammys honor Whitney Houston] couldn't find more to appreciate positively about the evening. A live broadcast of a multiple-act performance oriented variety show will of course not have uniformly seamless transitions and as a whole, and will be technically "disjointed".  
With variety, one must expect some inconsistency.
The few positive remarks he did make were framed and diluted with cynically contextualized. He cites a few “moments of clarity”, while… Read more

In Response to WCP 

As per dialogue concerning This Piece

Dear Jon & WCP~
You seem to have acknowledged the full dress of the issue, addressed it with articulate and consultative dialogue, than stitched it all together once more into a nice hat that more closely resembles a burlap sack then crammed it back over our head.
My problem, after all, is how the term singer-songwriter is presented as a sonic signifier as well as a genre dismissal. Not that all recordings begin or end with a song, but most do. And regardless of what… Read more

On Media's Obsessive Take On Tim Tebow 

Again, spirituality becomes merely another type of "condition" rendering someone or something remarkable and apart from most. There has been and will always be race, sex, creed bigotry--the cause of the deliberation most folks make--repeatedly-- in deciding to what extent they should or shouldn't be overt in the expression of their identities. As fans or as media monkeys, we seem to have stigmatized Tebow-cast a different colored spotlight than that which shines on the nominally prominent sports figure. …Read more

Note to Pete--Amis's & Avlon's, King's & Kingsley's 

Hey Pete, Dreadful Show~
I have to weigh in with a bit of a raised eyebrow that you weren’t aware of author Martin Amis when John Avlon brought him up yesterday. Fair enough, as it’s always refreshing to hear you (and too few others) own and confess to areas of expertise and erudition where you, as well as all of us, sometimes find ourselves lacking or without more formidable knowledge. Curiosity is a golden resource, which you recognize and remind your listeners of regularly. I’m now a reader of over a… Read more

In Reply to Comments on .... 

Why Occupy Wall Street Will Keep Up The Fight--Kalle Lasn & Micah White 
Great piece.



A new left-right hybrid party forming based largely upon an anti-business political platform?

The idealism is cute. I have to wonder, though, who from the right would be interested in a scheme for higher taxes that would risk seizing up our capital markets. The vision is a left-right hybrid, but the platform is far-left progressive. At the end of the day, I suspect that the Occupy
Read more

Public TVs and Early Challenges ReVisited from Jan 2010 

   Originally Posted Jan 2010~
Fox may be the most watched by, and therefore, "trusted" source, an ironic and elastic term in this day and age, but this is due largely to the demographic of it's viewing audience, which ranges from the minimally to marginally educated shallow thinkers, to the educated and accomplished status-quo, "I've got mine and got over" capitalist conservatives who endorse and support the effective way with which this shrill rhetoric maintains that status quo in a time when they…Read more

A Missed Framing Opportunity? 

Framing the Argument  For Infrastructure Jobs (And Homeland Safety) Program 

I’m a proponent of infrastructure and education becoming the cornerstones of a job-creating, future-investing job generating program.

And I’m surprised to not hear the President invoke more than merely “crumbling bridges and highways” as a means to cite the consequences of neglecting our infrastructure. He seems to choose to frame this argument as a jobs program, and necessity for a nominal modern day lifestyle and a… Read more

JC's Hyperheard Trivia 1--Sunny by Bobby Hebb 

“Sunny” by Bobby Hebb

This  is such a wonderful sounding recording of a fabulous performance of a delightfully soulful song.  The recently deceased Hebb wrote it as a declaration of gratitude for the healing power and optimism of a new day after some dark and discouraging times. 
This stereo recording smacks of a “head-on” take--a group performance captured live--and the lead vocal is right up the middle with most of the other elements hard-panned to the left or right channels. Leakage from the left… Read more



"It is precisely because the stakes are so I high that I believe the debt limit vote can serve as a trigger to force congressional action" – THESE ARE YOUR WORDS STATING THAT: 
You are falling in with the denial bent political propagandists who are brazenly, obdurately keeping their finger on (yes, you said)"trigger" of the gun which rests against our very future, and that of the global economy as a whole.
The facts are undeniable, the… Read more


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Jon Carroll Solo In Concert--Songs, Stories and Gas Money

 —  —

The Barns at Hamilton Station, 16804 Hamilton Station Rd, Hamilton, Va.

Jon Solo Concert part of the Songs, Stories & Gas Money Series.

Tix 15 adv/20 door

Don Chapman & Stilson Green have put together this limited edition songwriter series for great (well, we thank ya!) artists to perform at The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards. Doors open at 7pm for seating and food/drink.

Wine and light fare for purchase.

A special night of warmth, laughter and music for on a chilly Winter's night in the hills of Loudoun Co.

Call for Tix/Info 540-338-5309


Jon Carroll in "We Are The 9" Songwriter Series

Tally Ho Theater, Market St., Leesburg, Va.

NEW DATE, with some Lineup Changes..This will be cool. At Jon's fave and fab venue, Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg, Jon joins Justin Trawick, Todd Wright, Teddy Chipouras, Ken Wenzel, Michael Clem , Janet Emma Garbe, Juliana MacDowell in an event founded in 2008 by singer/songwriter Justin Trawick. "The 9 Songwriter Series" is a touring live music event featuring nine artists combining their talents, performing in rotation and often sitting in with each other, providing audiences with a rich, intimate and varied listening experience. Where else can you hear almost 30 songs from nine different artists for only $10? Follow and Like "The 9" at and



Jon Carroll & Duke Levine (w Mary Chapin Carpenter--Trio Show)

City Winery, 155 Varick St, NY, NY 10013