Live at the Barns at Wolf Trap

1 Just Relax
2 In Bed
3 Tight Connection To My Heart
4 Can’t Argue with That

Jon released Love Returns last winter and had a rockin’ CD release show at the Barns at Wolf Trap, a live and lively venue in Virginia. The show included great pop/soul singers, a horn section, and performances by original bandmate Bill Danoff and the second generation, Owen Danoff and Ben Carroll. Jon was just 19 when he earned his first GRAMMY, for arranging Afternoon Delight, the biggest hit of the Summer of ’76. That practiced hand is evident in the performances captured here. A hometown crowd always adds to the fun.

Disc 1
Love Time
Take It All Back
Maybe This Romance
One Outa One
Walk Tall
Just Relax
Can’t Argue With That
On The Front Porch

Disc 2
Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)
Get Closer
Blasted In The Basement (feat. Bill Danoff)
I Got A Line On You (feat. Owen Danoff)
Land That Time Forgot
Lover Undercover (feat. Ben Carroll)
In Bed
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Train Of Love
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

JON CARROLL: Live Returns


1 Love Time
2 Joined at the Hip
3 Can’t Argue with That
4 On the Front Porch
5 Take It All Back  
6 The Good and the Bad  
7 Maybe This Romance  
8 One Outa One  
9 Dance Again  
10 Miss You Like You’re Dead  
11 Darkness Before Dawn  
12 Paint That Dollar  
13 Land That Time Forgot  
14 Old Flame Blue (Live)  

Jon Carroll’s First Solo Release in Over a Decade

After a long and artistically rich career as a songwriter, sideman to-the-stars, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and performer, Jon blooms here with a collection of songs ranging from the highly rollicking to the poignantly reckoning. Since his early days of national notoriety with the Grammy-Award winning Starland Vocal Band (Afternoon Delight) he has wowed audiences near and far with his exciting and energetic keyboard, guitar and vocal prowess behind a league of renowned artists that includes Mary Chapin Carpenter, Rodney Crowell, Dixie Chicks and many others. His songs have been recorded by Linda Ronstadt, Tom Jones and Kenny Rogers to name a few. He is a sought-after player/producer and this collection of tunes is a popping yet intimate offering of Jon’s many sides that will have your hips shaking, your mind thinking, and, occasionally, your heart aching.

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1 Get Closer
2 Old Flame Blue
3 13 Steps
4 There for You
5 What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
6 In Bed
7 Sweetheart Like You
8 Walk Tall/Valley O’ Melvin
9 To Get Home

A collection of previously unreleased tracks. It contains the hit Get Closer (recorded by Linda Ronstadt, then later becoming a long-running commercial for Close-Up toothpaste) as well as two songs recorded by Tom Jones (yes, that one), Old Flame Blue and Walk Tall.

It's funky, reflective and heartfelt with a couple of old-school surprises.

You know… for kids!

Check out some of the amazing award winning Weston Woods/Scholastic videos for our youngsters, for which Jon composes and records music as well as performs characters and voice-overs.