On Media's Obsessive Take On Tim Tebow

Again, spirituality becomes merely another type of "condition" rendering someone or something remarkable and apart from most.
There has been and will always be race, sex, creed bigotry--the cause of the deliberation most folks make--repeatedly-- in deciding to what extent they should or shouldn't be overt in the expression of their identities.
As fans or as media monkeys, we seem to have stigmatized Tebow-cast a different colored spotlight than that which shines on the nominally prominent sports figure. We've made him extra special--moreover, peculiar. 
But I'll wager that he is much more inclusive in his assessment and analysis of his team's successes: Jesus on the main line, yes...but shouldn't we also cite the FRONT line?  Believers? How about those receivers? That's one great congregation out there (Matthew 18:20, indeed) and I'm sure Tim would demure from taking all that credit, even when offering the overall to the Almighty. 
There's a spirit moving in and through all of us, and that's regardless of how, why and where we may kneel.