Logan 3.12.15

Logan 3.12.15

Lithe, Lean, Slender
Nearly skinny
Minder rubber ‘round her wrist
Tine-like fingers quickly
Get to a banana
One, two, three strips divvy down
Disappear into rapid devour
All business

Sip, chew, sip
Paper cup not managing
Only but a peel
Where to conceal, the heel of a shoe?
Out of place, too small a space
Drape a perfect arch across the leather brief

Diamond ring, headlight lit
Promise just past the knuckle
Fiddle the wrapper of a breakfast bar
Barely two bites, she’s fed
Put it in the peel, on her case
At her feet

Perhaps this Spring she’ll stand
Speak vows and her words will float
On a haze of heartfelt devotion
He’ll think for a while
That she looks too thin

They'll sort that out 
Like trash in a cup

Which attendant scoops and whisks away

Leaving her perfect nails 
To start sifting through
Emblems and wee bits news on a wee screen
Back to my book, all business
And we’re all up and off to Miami