A great great song of the great great great John Jennings.  John, we miss you every day.
JC's Overlooked Old-School #2 PAY YOU BACK WITH INTEREST--The Hollies 
Afternoon (Lake Street Dive) Delight
These guys are, er,uh...delightful, for sure. And among all the various renditions of this song (that my Starland Vocal Bandmates and I recorded in the 70's), from Matt Damon on a couch, Pedro the Taco Bell dog, to Will Ferrell & Co. at the TV station, THESE Lake Street Dive guys kinda did the noble thing and gave much more than a considered passing nod to the original vocal arrangement (yay, Grammy) AND managed to make it their whimsical own, too. AND AND made it a Halloween treat. For some reason. Trick or Treat! Thinking of you's ruining my appetite. Enjoy!